復數名詞remains在口語中也有比較廣的用法,比如可以用remains of dinner表示“晚宴中剩下的飯菜”。在旅游的時候,碰到的古代建筑的“殘垣斷壁”也可以用這個詞,比如the remains of a thirteenth-century temple表示“一座13世紀的寺廟的遺跡”。


Mycroft’91最新2018入口地址s Colleague: She (指華生的妻子瑪麗,她為了救夏洛克而死) died, Mycrof91門戶t. He’s probably still in shock.

I hope you will not start buying any clothes if you have any coupons left because you think youmust look nice for me. I should be sorry if you do. Just carry on as near as possible to normal.My return at the present time allows us to make public our mutual attachment. I shall tell myfamily I hop91門戶e to spend a week away with you somewhere during my leave. My counsel to you isto tell as few people as possible. Which for someone like Miss Ferguson, you could politely replyto her observations that You thought it was your business rather than hers. Try to avoidpreening yourself and saying much. This is my advice, not anything but that. Hope youunderstand. I do not ever want it to be anything but our affair. Do not permit any intrusion. I donot know how long a leave I shall get. I could get as little as 14 days I may get as much as amonth. I’m wondering how I shall tell you I am in England. Probably still quicker to send atelegram than a letter. I hope to send you one announcing that I am on the same island. I wouldsend another one I am actually soon to get to the London bound train and you can ring LeeGreclsq最新2019地址一二三en 0905 when you think I have arrived there. You must bear in mind that I shall be with mybrother until2014 we get 2014home. Also that having been away from home for so long, my parents willwant to see a lot of me. I hope everything will work itself out without unhappiness to anyone. Ishall be in great demand from two or three points and it will be difficult to manage withoutoffence. It’s a strange thing but I cannot seem to get going and write very freely. All I amthinking about is I am going home, I am going to see her. It’s a fact, a real thing, an impendingevent like Shrove Tuesday, X’mas Day, or the Lord Mayor’s Banquet. You have to be abroad, youhave to be hermetically sealed off from you intimates from you home to realize what a gift thisgoing-home is. The few letters of yours that I had on me I burnt the day 91門戶previous to oursurrender so no one but clsq最新2019地址一二三myself has read your words. In the first 10 days of our captivity I didnot think any soft thoughts about you - all I did was concentrate on telling to you, trying to tellto you that I was all right. But when we had a few supplies dropped off by aircraft at great riskto themselves in the misty snow bound mountain villages and we started hoping we might senthome upon our release. I was always wondering about you, about us.It’s a pity that the winter weather will not be kind to us out of doors. It would be nice sitting nextto you at the pictures no matter what may be on the screen. It would be grand to be havingeach other’s support and sympathy. It would be wonderful to be together - really together in theflesh, not just to know that a letter is all we can send.Love you,Chris.




一般的考生習慣于將a great deal of作為定語來使用,但其實在日常口語表達中,a great deal也可以作為狀語單獨出現,泛指“很多”,這是對于a great deal的靈活使用。一般的口語考生能夠靈活自如這樣使用a great deal的還不多,因此考生們可以對這個用法重視起來。

Remain這個詞同樣在劇中多次出現.在夏洛克對華生說的臺詞中,remain被作為一個動詞使用:“To you, the world remains an impenetrable mystery.”意思是“對你而言,世界仍然是一個看不透的謎團”。


要說電影里的造型有多考究,那就是經典的福爾摩斯標志隨處可見,簡直就是一部維多利亞時代英國紳士淑女的“時裝片”。插畫家Sidney Paget當年為福爾摩斯小說繪制的插圖,福爾摩斯和華生在火車上的場景,電影里就做了還原,相似度95%以上有木有。



當然,關于nose也有其他一些用法值得關注,例如on the nose表示的是“完全正確,精確”,比如,“The description of her characteristic is just on the nose”的意思為“對于她的特征的描述完全正確”。




在口語考試中,除了上述提到的幾個用法之外,考生還可以考慮使用一些與remain相關的固定句型。比如“The fact remains that ...”,這個句型表示的意思是“事實仍然是……”,一般可以用于讓步或者轉折的狀語從句當中。比如“盡管他很努力了,但事實是他仍然沒有通過考試”,考生就可以這樣表達:“Although he has tried really hard, the fact remains that he failed the exam.”除此以外,考生還可以使用“It remains to be seen”來表示“還未有定論”,比如“It remains to be seen who will be out”表示“誰出局還未有定論”。


劇中的富豪連環殺手說的“I’m in credit”其實是一個借喻,表示自己人生富足,名利雙全。在考試中,考生即使不去使用借喻這樣的修辭手法,只是用“The account is in credit”表示“賬戶有盈余”,用“The account is in debit”表示“賬戶當中欠款”,也完全符合“靈活恰當”的要求。



Mycroft: Why is he just wandering about like a fool?

來英國之前,很多同學以為這是一個優雅又紳士的國家。其實不然,雖然不像意大利和德國有比較嚴重的難民問題,近些年英國的犯罪率還是很高的!而且并不是每一個童鞋都可以像上文的小哥那樣遇到超級英雄卷福哦~ hooli小編就曾詳細給大家2014介紹過留學英國的安全小tips~ 想要了解更多安全知識,請戳??

Mr. Welsborough: How anybody could hate her so much they’d go to the trouble of smashing her likeness (肖像) ...

根據英國 ‘太陽報’ 和美國 ‘紐約時報‘報道:作為神探夏洛克主角的卷福 (本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇 Benedict Cumberbatch)與妻子乘坐Uber路過貝克街時,正好看到一個外賣小哥被幾個騎自行車的人挾持搶劫和毆打。

作為神探的他急忙下車大喊clsq最新2019地址一二三 ‘leave him alone’阻止這一場犯罪并保護騎手。不知是否被卷福正能量的氣場震懾,歹徒上車就逃之夭夭了,真是大快人心。 事后卷福還安慰這位騎手,簡直就是現實版的superhero啦。得知這個信息的小伙伴紛紛詢問,外賣小哥還缺人嗎?專去有卷福的地方的那種?專去貝克街的也行!

Mr. Welsborough: Thank you very much for coming. We’ve heard a great deal about you. If anyone can throw any light into this darkness, surely it will be you.